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Here are some of the sites the artist follows.

Web Comics


What happens when you bring together two people from two conflicting races? Check out this incredible fantasy adventure by Thomas Fischbach. 11 years and still going strong!

The Web Comics of Kara Dennison


Check out these awesome comics from Kara Dennison!



A whacky and funny comic by the creator who brought you Wendy and Girly, Josh Lesnick!



Follow well-traveled explorer and author, Mathew Quin, and his friends as they travel the beautiful islands of Wukrii. Plenty of mysteries and adventure await in this exciting fantasy adventure! Written by Gatsumann and art drawn by LagoLoid!




An incredible 8-bit Space Western written by Matthew Ritter and art by Adam Elbahtimy. It's not a web comic, but you should still check it out. You can buy it digitally here!

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