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Fan Art
  • I will not accept any pieces that have nudity, graphic sex/violence, racism, religious/political views.
  • I will not accept any Hi-Res images that exceed 500kb
  • You must include your name (real or nickname)
  • (Optional) Provide a link to your website.
  • You must have "Salamanstra Fan Art" in your Subject line. Otherwise it will go to the junk bin.


Art Trades
If you want to do an art trade with me, all you have to do is draw any of my characters. It doesn't have to be in color. You need to send a references of your character. The more info about your character, the better. Please don't ask for NSFW art of your character.
  • If you own a webcomic and want to be affliate, contact me with the name, name of your comic, and link.
  • I will not accept video game sprite comics.

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