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  Kessah Orlianne
Sword Class Rank N/A
The Swords of Ariel

Age: 19 Sex: Female Race: Canae Height: 5'4" Weight: 124 lbs

Our main protagonist! Naive and impulsive, but brave and determined to prove her worth. Also, loves sharks, despite never having seen one in person.


White Wolf

Dianna The White Wolf Orlianne
Sword Class Rank A01
The Swords of Ariel

Age: 26 Sex: Female Race: Canae Height: 5'10" Weight: 150 lbs

A Legendary Hunter, and highly overprotective older sister to Kessah.



The Swords of Ariel


The Boss

Age: ??? Sex: Female Race: Helvion/Human Height: 8' Weight: ???

The powerful, voluptuous and beautiful leader of the Swords of Ariel.


Ariel's Court

Right Hand Woman

Personal Secretary



Personal Maid

Personal Maid

Swords of Ariel Members


Gunner Class Rank A21

Age: 25 Sex: Male Race: Human Height: 5'9" Weight: 175 lbs

A team member and close friend of the White Wolf. A worried and jaded person, especially after his friend's death.



Medic Class Rank G22

Age: 21 Sex: Female Race: Human Height: 4'11" Weight: ???

A cheerful, young medic who idolizes Kessah after she rescued her from two rival guild members.



Spear Class Rank C09

Age: 26 Sex: Female Race: Human Height: 5'8" Weight: 137 lbs

Outgoing, blunt, and understanding. She is a close friend of Adrien who likes to rib on him.



The Bull
Axe Class Rank A14

Age: 34 Sex: Male Race: Human Height: 5'8" Weight: 204 lbs

A team member of The White Wolf. He was like a big brother to Sienna.



Axe Class Rank N/A

Age: 23 Sex: Female Race: Ursid Height: 5'6" Weight: 143 lbs

Kessah's first roomate. Friendly, hard-working, and optimistic about her future.


Team D

Kelinger Arighen
Axe Class

Avery Dionis
Gunner Class

Duncan Englaton
Spear Class

Mia Wayunn
Sword Class

Gren Steffan
Sword Class

Jesuen Nym
Medic Class

Spoils of the Beast


Fane The Scarred Prince Vermillion

Age: 27 Sex: Male Race: Canae Height: 5'8" Weight: ???

A high ranked well-respected hunter in the Spoils of the Beast. He clashed with The White Wolf several times in the past.




Other Characters

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